Hamza Kooheji at Akhmat Fight Club for Brave 9 training camp

Kooheji Akhmat Fight Club

Training is going highly intense for Hamza Kooheji, who will be fighting once again at Brave Combat Federation. Kooheji is booked for Brave’s 9th installment, Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions, taking place in his home country of Bahrain.

The bantamweight contender is pursuing his training in Chechenya for Brave 9 at Akhmat Fight Club owned by the head of Chechen republic, Mr. Ramzan Kadyrov.

Along with the rest of the Bahrain team that is getting ready for the International Mixed Martial Arts World Championship tournament, also taking place in Bahrain for 2017, Kooheji’s excited about his upcoming fight and shares a peak about how his training is going in preparation for Brave 9.

“I feel pumped for my fight at Brave 9. I haven’t fought for some time now, so I’m happy to be fighting again soon. This time, my training camp is in Chechyna at Akhmat Fight Club, which is one of the best gyms in the world for sure. I’m staying in a closed place with the Bahrain Team, and there’s really not much to do other than eat and train. The area is far from everything.”

The bantamweight prospect also discusses the duration of his stay at Chechyna, as well as the quality of sparring and coaching that he is getting at Akhmat Fight Club.

Hamza Kooheji:

“We are staying here for 4 weeks. There’s a high level of sparring and training partners, along with great coaches that I’m working with. Of course, Eldar Eldarov, my head coach is as always by my side.”

In a country where mixed martial arts is directly supported and funded by the president, we can rest assured that Kooheji is getting both top level treatment and training.

It will be interesting to see Kooheji’s evolution and transformation for his upcoming fight at Brave Combat Federation. Already carrying 2 wins at Brave Combat Federation, a 3rd in a row can guarantee him a title shot for the bantamweight strap which is on the line when Gurdarshan Mangat meets Stephen Loman on Nov. 17

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