KHK Team’s Hamza Kooheji Snatches Gold At The First Bahraini BJJ Tournament

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Bahrain – Friday October 16, Khalifa Sports City Hall witnessed the first Bahraini Brazilian Jiujitsu national tournament in an attempt to spread Jiu Jiitsu further in the kingdom and select the best candidates to join the National Team of Bahrain. The event was organized by the newly formed Bahraini Brazilian jiujitsu federation headed by Reza Monfaradi, the first Black Belt in Bahrain. It followed the IBJJF (International Brazilain JiuJitsu Federation) rules and was handled by international referees, and accommodated fighters from the well-known KHK MMA team.

Competing in the tournament was none other than KHK (Khalid Bin Hamad Al khalifa) MMA professional Team member Hamza Al kooheji who snatched a Gold in the NoGi under 76 division.

Hamza is the first Bahraini fighter to earn a victory for KHK MMA team when he defeated Jordan’s Ghaleb Alharahshe at Desert Force 17.

“Whenever I can compete, I do it to improve myself mentally and physically. This was the first National Championship on Bahraini soil and I am very proud of my Team Mates at KHK MMA for their results.”

Also present on the mats that day was KHK manager and professional fighter Mohammed Shahid who snatched a gold in the purple belt level No Gi tournament.

Other Notable mentions are Obada Al Mulla 64 (white belt, No Gi) who snatched a gold medal, Abdulla Alfayez (blue belt, No Gi) who earned a silver medal, and Ali Ebrahimi (purple belt, Gi) who earned Gold.

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