Hamza Kooheji Wears Down Al Harahshe For Second Round TKO

Hamza Kooheji had to work through a big piece of adversity before coming back and finishing Al Harahshe


Amman, Jordan – Just like Jarrah Al Selawi one fight earlier, Hamza Kooheji had to work through a big piece of adversity before coming back and finishing Al Harahshe in the second round via TKO.

Yesterday night in Desert Force 17 headliner, the Bahraini carried the weight of a whole country and delivered a good result after being pummeled early in the fight, taking home the win in front of the Jordanian crowd.

“I had a plan to wear him out in the first round and come back in the second to accomplish my mission. I would bait him and make him work for the takedown, until as you saw he was exhausted in the second. This win is very important for Bahrain. After this win, the MMA scene my country will boom especially with the support of Sheikh Khaled”

The featherweight fight was the main event of Desert Force 17 event at King Hussein Sports City, Amman Jordan. It aired on MBC Action following prelims.

Al Harahshe got off to a strong start early, as he often does, taking Hamza down early in the first round, peppering him with a few light punches, then going for a rear naked choke as the the Bahraini retreated into a defensive shell.

Kooheji would recover quickly from that early onslaught and come back in the second round, bringing Al Harahshe’s momentum to a sudden halt, and finishing the fight via TKO in the second stanza.

This new and improved version of Hamza Kooheji was portrayed in this fight. With his dedication and the full support from his coaches Eldar Eldarov and Mohamad Shahid, Desert Force fans can expect an upgraded Kooheji every time he enters the cage.

With this Victory, Hamza Kooheji improves his record to 3-0 with back to back wins under the Desert Force banner.

Desert Force 17 Full Fight Card Results:

  • Hamza Kooheji Vs Ghaleb Harahshe, Hamza Kooheji, Round 2, via TKO
  • Mohamed Sayah Vs Jarrah Al Silwawi, Jarrah Al Silawi, Round 2, via TKO
  • Amr Wahmann Vs Mohammad Fakhreddine, Mohammad Fakhreddine, Round 1, via Submission due to strikes
  • Lois Cadet Vs Abdulkareem Selwady, Abdulkareem Al Selwady via Unanimous Decision
  • Jarjis Danho Vs Stefan Traunmuller, Jarjis Dahno, Round 1, via TKO
  • Abdelali Hariri Vs Nawras Abzakh, Nawras Abzakh, Round 1, via Rear Naked Choke
  • Yousef Abu Shreekh Vs Amin Nacheb, Amin Nacheb, Round 1, via Guillotine Choke
  • Rami Hamed Vs Walid Akrouh, Rami Hamded, Round 1, via KO
  • Jalal Daaja Vs Ali Al Qaisi, Jalal Daaja via Unanimous Decision
  • Ezzedine AlDerbane Vs Hussein Salem, Ezzedine Al Derbane, Round 1, via Disqualification
  • Silvester Saba Vs Saddam Abou Ragheb, Saddam Abou Ragheb via Unanimous Decision

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