Hashem Arkhagha: “Adiga Fighting Team” Will Go International

After recently announcing his upcoming return to Desert Force and his plans to fight at a different weight class
Adiga Fighting Team Logo
Adiga Fighting Team Logo

After recently announcing his upcoming return to Desert Force and his plans to fight at a different weight class, particularly the light heavyweight division, Arkhagha seems to be having a full, super busy year. But, that’s not enough to hold Arkhagha back from working on plans of establishing something new and BIG which will impact all the fighters in the Arab region!

As we know, Arkhaga, as well as many other fighters in Desert Force, are from Circassian origin, Here is a brief history lesson about our Desert Force Circassians. They are primarily The Adyghe or Adygs who are a people of the northwest Caucasus region, principally inhabiting Adygeya (now a constituent republic of the Russian Federation). Their language is also referred to as Adyghe or Adygeyan. Within the Russian Federation, the main communities are in Adygeya, Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia. While Adyghe is the name this people apply to themselves, in the West they are often known as the Circassians, a term which can also apply to a broader group of peoples in the North Caucasus.

Point is, these Circassians are now heavily present in the Jordanian fight scene and in Desert Force. Arkhaga, being the gentleman that he is and wanting to give a little something back, has established a new fight team, Team Adiga (Which makes sense if you read the mini history lesson above).

This is good stuff! The establishment of such a team can potentially link the Arab region to many different countries and get out local fighters rolling with people of different origins to improve the level of our mixed martial fighters and hopefully take it to the level that’s even after the next level.

Already, our local fighters are doing more than well in the face of foreign competitors. Such a team and a move will make Arab fighters a serious force to be reckoned with (As if they aren’t already).


“Adiga Fighting Team, gives the opportunity to all Circassian MMA fighters to train together. Janeb and I are working on the classes meanwhile I’m sure it’s gonna go international soon inshallah.”

This project seems promising and has all the potential of driving many Arab fighters to the next world class level.

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