Hassan Fakhreddine: Do Not Doubt A Boxer In The Cage

Hassan Fakhraddine, the 23 year old younger brother of Mohammad Fakhreddine, is an amateur boxer set to have his pro Mixed Martial Arts debut in Brave Combat Federation 7, Mexico, this July 2017.

His older brother, Mohammad Fakhreddine, is a well-known Lebanese MMA fighter who holds the record of 10-0.

Mohammed will be fighting for Brave Combat Federation’s inaugural welterweight title when the promotion heads to Brazil on August 12th. His popularity and experience has elevated the excitement about Hassan entering the realm of MMA.

Unlike Mohammad however, this Fakhreddine does not train in the Arab world nor does he have a background in MMA. He trains in Old Boxing gym in San Diego, U.S under Coach Ernest Johnson and recently moved to 10th Planet San Diego under Coach Manolo.

Coming from a background in boxing, we got a chance to ask him about the transition to MMA, and his thoughts on the reverse situation as the Mcgregor and Mayweather fight gets closer to its date.

Hassan Fakhreddine:

“Many people are doubting me because I come from a boxing background. Everyone started somewhere, be it boxing Jiu-Jitsu, or Muay Thai. Do not judge me just because I am boxer. My brother Mohammad Fakhreddine is also a boxer.”

On Mcgregor versus Mayweather, Fakhreddine said:

“As for Mcgregor versus Mayweather, I believe this fight is nothing but a money fight. Mayweather will embarrass McGregor in the ring.”

Brave 7: Untamed will take place in Tijuana, Mexico on July 29th. The main event features a rematch between local heroes Alejandro Martínez and Fabian Quintanar, in a Featherweight matchup.

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