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Hassan Talal’s Message to ” Mexican Chico ” Martinez Is Strong

Let’s just say Brave lightweight Abdulkareem Al Selwady won’t be able to take a fight now against Alejandro Martinez, the “TUF” contestant who took it to social media to call the Jordanian out.

As revealed to ArabsMMA, Al Selwady already has a fight booked for March, and if his fight against Martinez is ever going to happen, it won’t be in the very near future.

Just when we thought this discussion will be placed on hold, Iraqi fighter Hassan Talal (2-0) stepped in with this short video to take it to the next level and offer a challenge to Martinez.

Talal is a very close friend of Al Selwady who wants to take matters into his own hands to teach “the Mexican boy” some respect.

Hassan Talal:

“Try me you mexican sissy and i’ll rip you in half! Punk”

For the few who don’t know, Hassan Talal was voted winner of the 2016 ArabsMMA knockout of the year award for his spectacular KO against Mohammad Yahya at Desert Force 25!

Martinez! Do you accept this challenge?

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