Phoenix 4: Hayder Hassan will look for the KO against Huerta


Two former UFC fighters will face-off at Phoenix 4 Dubai in a bout pitting former UFC contender and superstar Roger “El Matador” Huerta against The Ultimate Fighter Season 21 finalist, Hayder Hassan.

The similarity in both fighters mindset is something that is interesting for Hayder, who respects Huerta’s abilities and appreciates his “real” fighting approach. Hayder knows that a fight of this magnitude against an opponent of this caliber can help carry him even further into the next level fighter that he wishes to reach.

Known for his powerful stand-up striking skills, what’s unique about his next fight against Huerta is what both these men share in their ‘on the feet approach’ to fighting, which certainly makes for a great fight. Having fought the likes of Clay Guida, Kenny Florian, Gray Maynard and Eddie Alvarez, Huerta is a Mixed Martial Arts seasoned veteran who knows his way very well around the sport.

Hayder Hassan:

“I feel we have similar mindsets. We both enjoy throwing down and being in a real fight. He is a real fighter and I’m looking forward to him bringing the best out of me.”

Hayder shared an interesting breakdown for his fight against Huerta. Claiming that he will put pressure and look for the KO finish. He knows Huerta can take damage and will not hesitate to stand-up and trade against him. That being said, Hayder is also aware that Huerta is a well-rounded and versatile fighter that will mix it up and test him in all aspects of the sport.

Hayder Hassan:

“As far as my fighting style goes, I’m programmed in one way only: Bring the heat and get the knockout. All fights start on the feet, so he will have to stand with me at some point. He has great striking skills and a good chin, so I do feel he will be confident to stand with me. However, I know he will try to wrestle and look for the takedowns as well. He is a seasoned fighter, which makes me feel that he will mix it up and try to take the fight wherever he can.”

Phoenix 4 will take place at the Dubai World Trade Center on the 22nd of December in Dubai. The fight card will feature high level bouts that include Mounir “The Sniper” Lazzaz coming back after a long hiatus to face Christophe Van Dijck and a light-heavyweight championship fight between the two veterans, Moise “Swamp” Rimbon vs Pavel Dorofeti.

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