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How is Thabet Agha Recovering From His Injury in Desert Force?

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We all remember the Desert Force main event between Thabet Agha and Mohammad Fakhreddine and how it ended with a knee injury during the second round that forced Agha to stop the fight needing the quick interference of the physician in the cage.

The patella or knee cap of the left knee clearly appears to be dislocated and have slided out of place leaving him lying down on the cage ground in pain.

After reviewing the fight, the injury appears to be caused by Thabet landing on his knee and NOT as a result of Fakhreddine’s low kick (time : 1.06 round 2) specially since he sustained an injury in the same knee 3 weeks before the fight during a training camp.

The medical images later showed an elongation of the patella ligament due to the knee cap dislocation that required a 3-week rest period followed by an intense rehab with no injury of the meniscus.

Injury Post Fight
Injury Post Fight
One Month Later
One Month Later

As we can see, the first picture shows a swollen left knee immediately after the fight. The second picture is taken after almost 1 month of complete rest from training and exercise. We can see that the oedema has decreased but the thigh loses tone and strength resulting in a weak and unstable knee.
To prevent that, ensure a correct healing and avoid further injury, an early rehab especially for athletes is a must. A sports specialized physical therapist will coordinate with the doctor to:

  • Reduce oedema and inflammation.
  • Regain complete range of motion of the injured joint.
  • Strengthen the weakened muscles and prevent losing tone due to rest and lack of exercise.
  • Retrain balance and reflexes.

Here are some exclusive pictures of Agha’s rehab and training in Jordan:

IMG-20140322-WA0011 IMG-20140322-WA0009
IMG-20140322-WA0005 IMG-20140322-WA0012
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