Desert Force 18: Hussein Salem Bloodies Bachir Yammine Early in First Round

Desert Force 18

LEBANON – In a match up between the young blood and experienced fighter, Iraqi Hussein Salem outstriked Yammine into what could mark a retirement call for the Lebanese veteran.

Hussein Salem Vs. Bachir Yammine was part of the Desert Force 18 preliminary card that preceded the live card, airing on MBC Action. The event took place on the 17th of August at the Hikmeh Stadium in Ghazir, Lebanon.

Hussein Salem who is known for his aggressive striking landed the first combination, forcing Yammine to shoot for an unsuccessful double leg, defended by Salem and countered with some vicious knees to the body. As the fighters clinched, Salem delivered yet another knee folowed by a spinning elbow that leaves yammine bloodied on the canvas. Salem ends the first round with a flying knee that nearly missed Yammine sending a big message at the end of the first stanza. The doctor checks the cut and declares the fight as a TKO due to doctor stoppage.

Salem finally gets the first win, one of much more to come if he refines his ground skills further more.

Yammine unscuccesful with his professional debut might think twice before getting back to the cage with those young little mosnters.

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