ICFC 7 “Iraqi Combat Fighting Championship” Crowns 3 New Champions



While pre-fight hype is an enjoyable aspect of the sport, it’s ultimately the in-cage performances that speaks most to fans. ICFC 7 (Iraqi Combat Fighting Championship 7), which took place on the 31st of October at the at the Yarmoq Gardens in Iraq witnessed the crowning of 3 new champions through 17 bouts, none of which went all the way. Ali Alhadi, one of the first Iraqi fighters to compete professionally, made a successful promotional comeback when he managed to sink in a deep guillotine choke ending his fight in the first round. and was crowned the welterweight champion. Eisa Salih defeated Mohammed Dawod via TKO to become the first ICFC flyweight champion. Also making quick work of his opponent was Hussein Salem. The outstanding striker marked his first submission win (Triangle Choke) in the opening minute.

For the majority of fighters, the opportunity to present their skills to the world only comes along a few times per year.

A total of 34 fighters got the chance on Saturday as part of ICFC 7 in Iraq.

Fight Card Results

  • Hussain Fakheir vs Mustafa Keko ( 77 kg ) Husaain Fakher wins by TKO
  • Ali al-Hadi vs Ayad Kareem ( 77 kg ) Ali al-Hadi wins by submission (guillotine choke)
  • Islam Jwad vs Ali Safa’a ( 93 kg ) Ali Safa’a wins by TKO
  • Mohammed Dawod Hussaim vs Eisa Salih ( 56 kg ) Eisa Salih wins by TKO
  • Khalid Jwad vs Mahmood Shihabi ( 61 kg ) Khalid Jwad wins after Mahmood Shihabi drop-out because of injury
  • Hussain Ali vs Tahsein Mohammed Ghalei ( 84 kg ) Hussain Ali wins by KO
  • Dalman Zaid vs Anmar Hameed ( 61 kg ) Anmar Hameed wins by Submission (guillotine choke)
  • Ahmed Salam vs Haidar Hamza ( 61 kg ) Haidar Hamza wins by TKO
  • Mustafa Zedan vs Wala’a Mohammed Salim ( 77 kg ) Mustafa Zedan wins by Submission (guillotine choke)
  • Muntathir Khasim vs Ahmed Jwad ( 66 kg ) Muntathir Khasim wins by Submission (guillotine choke)
  • Ayad Shakir vs Hussain Salim ( 66 kg ) Hussain Salim wins by Submission (triangle choke)
  • Abbas abd Khadom vs Khaldoon Yassen ( 70 kg ) Khaldoon Yassenwins by KO
  • Sabah Khalid vs Ali Jameil ( 61 kg ) Ali Jameil wins by TKO
  • Muhaimen Salih vs Waleid joma’a ( 80 kg ) Muhaimen Salih wins by Submission (guillotine choke)
  • Ghazwan Abdulgabbar vs Muntathir Rasool ( 63 kg ) Ghazwan Abdulgabbar wins by Submission
  • Muhanned Zaki vs Taha laith Saeid ( 77 kg ) Taha Laith wins by Submission (guillotine choke)
  • Mustafa Jasim vs Bariq Dawod ( 65 kg ) Mustafa Jasim wins by Submission (armbar)

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