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If Arkhagha is Out, Who will Face Fakhreddine?


In a sport where fighters train for months ahead of time, if an athlete is suspended, fights often get cancelled. Desert Force fighters need to learn their opponents strengths, weaknesses, and make weight in addition to often holding a job elsewhere. So what happens next?!

Mohammed Fakhreddine Vs Hashem Arkhagha, the most anticipated fight in the Middle East is on the verge of being cancelled. Check out what Fakhreddine had to say to ArabsMMA concerning his upcoming fight!

Since the unsportsmanlike incident that occurred with Hashem, I had no clue of what could happen next. Whether the Jordanian federation are going to release him or not, I had no idea. I haven’t been contacted yet by any of the Desert Force Officials yet, but as long as its a Title fight it doesn’t matter who they bring! I was promised a title fight, so i will not fight unless the Shield is on the line! My fight against Arkhagha was suppose to be in June! Due to Hashems injury it was postponed till January.So now that he’s suspended it’s not my problem!

Two weeks and still no official release from Desert Force concerning Fakhreddine’s opponent. The fight is scheduled to take place in less than a month. Will anyone step up to fight Fakhreddine? Or will this fight be cancelled for the second time?!

Stay tuned on ArabsMMA for more details concerning this issue.

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