Lebanese MMA National Team Extend Thanks To General Michel Aoun

If you go into battle with the thought of losing , you already lost…


“If you go into battle with the thought of losing, you already lost…”

When critical thinking meets critical attackers, when the power for determination and the determination for power collide, when military thought intertwines with the thought of discipline… what option other than winning exists?

The fighters Imad Hoayek, Charbel Diab, and Joeshwa Mortada, accompanied by members of the Lebanese Mixed Martial Arts committee handled by Mr. Hassan Jezzini, made sure to visit General Michael Aoun showing their gratitude for his generous offering and assuring him victory and aggressive representation that will bring home Medals.


“Wafd Al Intishar” lead by Mr. Saad Hannouche provided the needed sponsorship for the Lebanese athletes who are competing in Las Vegas from the 6th till 12th of July. They will take part of the second Amateur MMA World Championship under the IMMAF (international mixed martial arts federation).

“Do not be afraid to win or lose as long as you did your best…”

Mortada assured General Aoun that they always have positive attitude about winning. They don’t just train to go and represent, they have a mission, a mission to win; to win big.

Through this gathering that combined, Zein Dagher, Hasan Jezzini, Saad Hannush, Wissam Abi Nader, Jihad Salameh, Abdel Karim Dagher, Imad Hoayek, Charbel Diab, and Joeshwa Mortada, General Aoun took the chance to stress on the fact that individual health is strictly related to practicing Martial Arts. General Aoun claimed that the peaceful ways taught by MMA are an important pillar in molding one’s strong and solid character. He assured them that he will keep on supporting athletes no matter what the results turn out to be.


By this, General Aoun alleviated some of the stress off the fighters from focusing on solely winning. This extra sentence from the General signifies a man that is totally aware that it is not only a good physical preparation that is needed for winning; psychological as well. Advice like this coming from a former army commander means a lot to the fighters.

Salam to the fighters, and thanks to the General.

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