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“Anderson Pereira”, The Man Behind Aziz Julaidan

He is Brazilian and a well decorated BJJ and Judo black belt and under Professor Ze Marcello and represent the team Icon Jiu Jitsu Team


ArabsMMA caught up Anderson Pereira, Head coach of Aziz Julaidan to discuss Aziz’s upcoming title fight against Abdul Kareem al Selwady in Desert Force Bahrain.

For those who are not familiar with Anderson Pereira, he is a Brazilian and a well decorated BJJ and Judo black belt under Professor Ze Marcello and he represents Team Icon Jiu Jitsu, just a hand full of his titles would be: World Masters champion grappling, European champion BJJ adult, European champion grappling master and second place in the Brazilian league grappling master.


I have been living in Switzerland for 10 years. I met Aziz 5 years ago when he came to my gym to train. He is ]young, very talented, and dedicated in his training and an excellent training partner for the whole team. As a fighter he has a great mental strength and is prepared to battle for the belt.
His previous fights in Desert Force were very good. In his first fight he lost the fight in a category above his usual weight and did not have time enough to make a good preparation for this fight and for sure that without taking the merit, Arti an excellent fighter and did his work inside the cage. Many people say that the result of this fight was controversial and Aziz was the winner, but to me the fair result would be a draw. In the second fight he fought in the category in which he usually tends to compete and won the fight convincingly with an armbar in the first round. In his third fight he correctly followed our plan to fight in the cage and won by decision of the arbitrators and he has controlled the fight throughout the three rounds.

Pereira also stated that the fight against Abdul Kareem Al Selwady will not come easy as Selwady will be the most technical fighter Julaidan has ever faced so far.

Al Selwady is a very hard and complete fighter . As I said earlier, he is prepared for this battle and will try to win this belt with great desire. Every fighter has qualities and defects, and we’re already prepared with our strategy for the fight and if all goes well and GOD willing we will win this belt.

We studied quite the strengths and weaknesses of our opponent stand up and in the ground doing a specific working for all the different situations of fight. We are prepared for both situations, stand up and in the ground, and we think who better seize the opportunities will win this fight.

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