Iraqi Combat Fighting Championship 3 Fight Card Results

Top level reffing from the first official MMA referee in Iraq, Salwan Raheem, as he handled 24 fighters who showcased their MMA skills

IRAQI CFC closed the doors on another successful event at the 3rd Iraqi Combat Fighting Championship (ICFC 3) in Yarmouk Leisure Club Gardens. Iraqi Combat Fighting Championship CEO Raad Jameel Abaas and the whole management team compiled their efforts for over two months, to ensure the success of ICFC’s third promotion overcoming all instabilities in the country.12 intense fights with remarkable reffing from the first official MMA referee in Iraq, Salwan Raheem, as he handled 24 fighters who showcased their Mixed Martial Arts skills in top level manner making the event as fair and proffesional as it gets ! Check out the Results and a brief Recap !


Fight Card Results

  • (65 kg) Zulfiqar Muhammad def. Riad Hamza Round 1, via Rear Naked Choke
  • (65 kg) Abdul Rahman Majid def. Abdullah Najem via Decision R3 </li>
  • (70 kg) Osama Jassim vs Akram Manahi, NC
  • (70 kg) Ahmed Abdel-Salam def. Muhannad Daoud via Submission R1
  • (77 kg) Ammar Jassim def. Jawad Abdul Karemm via Disqualification
  • (77 kg) Yasser Zeid def. Hussein Fakher via Decision R3
  • (83 kg) Saif Abdul Karim def. Khattab Abdul Salam via Guillotine R1
  • (83 kg) Ali Abdul Hussein def. Hameed Rasheed via Submission R3
  • (93 kg) Abdullah Kazim def. Bahaa Salman via KO R1
  • (93 kg) Salam Kateh def. Mohammed Jassim via Submission( Armbar) R1
  • (Openweight) Alaa Issa def. Mohamed Imad Via Decision R3
  • (Openweight) Marwan Khaled vs Hussein Jassim, NC

Quick Recap:

  • In the opening fight and the fastest ICFC fight, Sanda champ and Iraqi league fighter Zulfiqar Muhammad finished Kick Boxer Riad Hamza via Rear Naked Choke adding a second win to his pro record.
  • After 3 full rounds, Samuraii Team fighter Abdul Rahman Majid earned the judges’ decision against Iraqi National Muay Thai Team Abdallah Najem.
  • Ahmad Abdul Salam was able to submit his opponent Muhannad Daoud only one minute before the end of Round 1.
  • Abdullah Kazem KO’ed Bahaa Salman in Round 1.
  • An injury prior to the fight prevented Marouan Khalid from facing Kickboxing champion Hussein Issa, the bout is postponed to the next event.
  • In the sixth bout, Ali Abd al Hussine is victorious against Majid Hamid via Submission in the third round.
  • After 3 action packed rounds, Yasser Zaid was able to defeat Jiu Jitsu black belt Hussein Fakher via Decision.
  • In the 8th fight of the night, Saif Abdul Kareem defeated Khitab Abdul Salam in Round 1.
  • Jawad Abdul Amir was disqualified in the ninth bout giving the win to Ammar Jasem.
  • The tenth bout between Oussama Jasem and Akram Manahi was postponed to the next ICFC event.
  • Salam Kateh makes up for his loss in the previous event and wins over his opponent Mohammad Jasem.
  • In the last and most entertaining bout, Judo black belt Alaa Issa is victorious against ICFC 2 champion Mohammad Imad.

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