Iraqi Combat Fighting Championship 3 set for June 25


Attention fans of Mixed Martial Arts in the cradle of civilization, Iraq. Show your support to Iraqi fighters competing in the fastest rising sport in the Middle East and the World at the 3rd Iraqi Combat Fighting Championship (ICFC) in Yarmouk Leisure Club Gardens.

The Warriors of Mesopotamia will showcase their Martial Arts skills to the people of Iraq via the premiere organization in Iraq, ICFC (Iraqi Combat Fighting Championship). Watch fighters compete from all of Iraq’s provinces (Kurdistan, Baghdad, Naynawa) and representing several schools of combat such as Kyokushin, and Muay Thai.

Iraqi Combat Fighting Championship held the first ever Mixed Martial Arts championship on Iraqi grounds on the 1st of November, 2011 at al Jadyria lake. Following their first successful event, Iraqi CFC was also able to make their second big event possible which in turn reflected a very high level of professionalism despite all instabilities in the region thanks to ICFC manager Mr. Raed Jamil Abbas, Mr. Ahmad Jamil, Mr. Yasser al Samraii, Mr. Ayman, Mr. Mouwafaq, Mr. Mohamad Jasim, and Mr. Salwan Raheem.

Iraqi Combat Fighting Championship Weigh Ins 2 Pictures

Iraqi Combat Fighting Championship 2 Fight Night Pictures

Iraqi Combat Fighting Championship 2 Fight Card and Results

Iraqi Combat Fighting Championship manager Mr. Raed Jamil Abbas is back with the the third promotion of Iraqi CFC which will take place at Yarmouk Leisure Club Gardens on the 25th of June 2013. As usual, Arabsmma affiliate Mr. Salwan Raheem will be reffing the championship.

Special appearances from Desert Force contestants Ali Al Hadi and Ahmad Saeb who recently came back from Jordan after 2 months of intense competition in AL Academia show.

Stay tuned on ArabsMMA to find out more about this event’s fight Card and more ! Keep in mind that ArabsMMA we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and results of Iraqi Combat Fighting Championship.

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