Is Desert Force on the Verge of Dominating the MENA Region?


With less than three weeks left until Desert Force “Against the World”, rumor has it that one of the participants is injured. Anas Siraj Mounir aka “The Moroccan Sensation” was supposed to be making his Desert Force debut against Bechir Majri from Tunisia but it was heard through the grapevine that Majri was forced to pull out due to injury. Mounir will instead be fighting against Ali “The Kid” Ahli from the UAE.

Anas Siraj Mounir is from Casablanca, Morocco and trains at The Dungeon BJJ and MMA Fight Academy in Sunderland, England. He dominated as an amateur with an 8-0 record and has started making his mark at a professional level earlier this year having already earned a 2-0 record. Mounir exploded into the professional scene winning both fights in the first half of the first round, the second of which was won by cartwheel kick KO… yes you read it correctly… cartwheel kick in 24 seconds. He is a well-rounded fighter with impressive striking skills and a sound grappling game.
His opponent Ali Ahli, who lives and is fighting out of Dubai, UAE trains out of Team Nogueira and Top Team. He is golden boy of the once dominant ADFC and is currently undefeated with a 3-0 record but has not fought in close to two years. This will be his first fight outside of the ADFC and their side promotion, Top Fight.
The Desert Force Finale Stadium at Al Hussein Youth City, Boxing Arena, Jordan

That being said, Desert Force are dominating the MENA region slowly but surely. First they started with small events in Amman, Jordan. Then they opened up their own gym, ADFC do not have a gym but Dubai Fighting Championship (Dubai FC) do. They teamed up with MBC Action to film their own reality show, which looks to be better in production, and overall quality than what ADFC did with Al Batal. Finally, to add insult to injury, Desert Force will now be hosting their next event in Dubai, which is sure to irritate their competitors (Dubai FC/ADFC). But realistically, ADFC haven’t had an event in two years and Dubai FC are nowhere near the quality that Desert Force can offer MMA fans.

Step by step Desert Force have managed to leap head of the “competition”. Thabet Agha, who won Al Batal, the reality show created by ADFC, is now training at the Desert Force Training Center. Georges Eid and Ahmed Amir, both Al Batal participants, are now fighting for Desert Force.

In this picture Georges Eid and Thabet Agha, the finalists from Al Batal Reality Show

Ali Ahli was a great fighter with a lot of heart, but has not fought in two years. His disappearance from MMA, for reasons unknown, might have taken its toll. He has only finished one of his fights, and has accepted to fight against Anas Siraj Mounir… with only three weeks notice.

Is this Desert Force’s way of dismantling ADFC’s Legacy? Or will Ali Ahli be able to clear the dust off his gloves and triumph?

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  • بسم اللة الرحمن الرحيم
    السادة منظيمن دزرت فورس . قناة ام بي سي اكشن
    انا معتصم حيمور من الاردن لاعب كونغفو وكيك بوكسنج ومواي تاي ومصارعة
    قمت بي مراسلتكم العديد من المرات للمشاركة بي مسابقة الدزرت فورس ولكن لم اسمع اي رد منكم وانا ابعث هذة الرسالة حتى يقراءة الجميع اني من هنا اتحدي بطل دزرت فورس حيدر رشيبد او عبدرالكريم السلوداي وانا جاهز لهذا التحدي ارجو منكم الرد علي هذا الطلب اذا كان فعلا ابطال الدزرت فورس ابطال حقيقون وشكرا لكم معتصم حيمور

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