Izzeddine Vs Yazan Set For Next Episode of Al Batal

Next week’s episode will feature the first lightweight fight for this season.


The second season of Al Batal witnessed two middleweight fights so far: Younes Mikkis defeating Yousef Wehbe earning the first victory of the season for Team Elbe and Sabil Rahali putting an end to Khalid Aljohani in the first round in a revenge fight according to “Mehdi Baghdad”.

Next week’s episode will feature the first lightweight fight for this season: Izzeddine Al Derbani (Team Baghdad) versus Bandar Yazan (Team Elbe). The choice of card has been made by Team Baghdad, the privileged winner of the latest fight.

Team Baghad’s coach made a clear statement about his fighter:

“Izzedine is my preferred fighter .. Tough … Hard ..He caught my eye from the start”.

The faceoff had a peaceful feel but don’t be fooled by Izzedine’s friendly face and Bandar’s smirky smile!

Izzedine is an experienced kick boxer with good ground skills topped with a load of stamina. Training with Team source in Jordan, he will have a lot to offer in terms of punishment for Bandar.

Bandar on the other hand is no stranger to cage fighting, his unorthodox fighting style is quite menacing to any fighter who might look down on him. It is also worthy to note that his two previous MMA fights ended in controversy. Could the upcoming fight be the third or will he show the world a change?

Both coaches seem quite hyped by this fight. Ray Elbe said:

“Everybody in this place will be on three feet … This is going to be the fight of the season!”

Is there an inside story we have no clue about? Or is all this based on the performance and attitude of those two fighters in training and in the house?

Stay tuned on ArabsMMA for next week to find out!

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