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JAC 5 “Jordan Amateur Championship” Fight Card + Results


Jordan’s leading amateur MMA promotion “Jordan Amateur Championship” is back with its 5th installment this time with a notable participation of Lebanese fighters from Team Shogun.

The event is set to take place on the 20th of November 2015 at the infamous King Hussein Boxing Arena, in Amman, Jordan.

Fight Card [Results Updated]:

  • Jalal Al-daja (JOD) Vs Ahmad Ondash (LEB ) 63 kg | “K1”, Ahmad Ondash via KO, Round 2
  • Ahmad Al-Bshabsheh (JOD) Vs Anthony Zeidan (LEB ) 77 kg | Welterweight “MMA”, Ahmad Al Bshabsheh via Submission (armbar), Round 1
  • Ez Aldin Al-Derabane (JOD) Vs Fady Bou Abboud (LEB ) 70 kg | “K1”, Ez Aldin Al-Derabane via Unanimous Decision
  • Saleem Al-Bakri (JOD) Vs Jafar Tamimi (JOD) 70 kg | Lightweight “MMA”, Jafar Tamimi via Submission (armbar), Round 1
  • Yousef Zoughbaba (JOD) Vs Mohammad Al-Afrawi (TUN ) 83 kg “K1”, Yousef Zoughbaba via Unanimous Decision
  • Motaz Tomaize (JOD) Vs Mohamed Olimat (JOD) 66 kg | Featherweight “MMA”, Motaz Tomaizi via Submission (Kimura), Round 2
  • Mutaz Bassem (JOD) Vs Mohammad Al-Kazimi (JOD) 66 kg | Featherweight “MMA”, Mohammad Al Kazimi via Submission (RNC),Round 1
  • Ali Al-Masha’aleh (JOD) Vs Ehab Horani (JOD) 66 kg | Featherweight “MMA”, Ali Al-Masha’aleh via KO (High Kick), Round 2
  • Mohammad Salameh (YAM) Vs Ziad Sinno (LEB) 86 kg | “K1”, Mohammad Salameh via Unanimous Decision
  • Mohammad Al-Mherat (JOD) Vs Ibrahem Ali (JOD) 57 kg | Flyweight “MMA”, Mohammad Al Mherat via Unanimous Decision
  • Essa Basem (JOD) Vs Ammar Shaheen (JOD) 77 kg | Welterweight “MMA”, Essa Basem via Unanimous Decision

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  • Very nice to see outsiders into JAC, mashallah good work, Inshallah the Jordanian Warriors will come out victorious, all the support from Canada,

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