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Jarrah Al Selawi: ‘InshaAllah it will be a crushing win’

In less than a month, Jarrah Al Selawi and Carl Booth meet in what promises to be one of the most talked about fights of Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions.

With almost 3 years passing since their first encounter at Cage Warriors, Booth believes he has the ability to finish Al-Selawi again.

Yet, “The Jordanian Lion” seems certain that Carl Booth will not get the win this time.

He made that abundantly clear by sending out a powerful message to his Brave 9 opponent, stating how he is looking forward to their clash inside the cage on November 17.

Jarrah Al Selawi:

“The rematch against Carl Booth at Brave 9 is very important to me. I am very well prepared, and I am more than ready. Carl Booth, you are so sure of yourself, you will not get the win in this rematch. I am going to crush you on November 17th.“

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