Jarrah Al Selawi | Fakhreddine Will Not Be The Victor In Beirut

Desert Force 17-21

Desert Force 18 | As much as they differ stylistically, there is one mutual thing that brings together Mohammed Fakhreddine and Mohamed Sayah, and no its not their good name!

Both of these aggressive fighters took their best shots at Jarrah Al Selawi, yet none of the them managed to break the will of one of the toughest fighters in the welterweight division. Two extremely grueling fights that had two of the best comebacks in Desert Force history embedded onto them.

According to Jarrah, his fight against Sayah was not as tough as people thought it was. The fact that he spent the first round off on his back and under pressure didn’t really worry Al Selawi, for him, it’s just part of the fight game.

“It’s true, he was in control first, but I was defending smartly and waiting for the right time to charge. I could tell that he was going to go for the take down again and that’s what I was waiting for to knock him out. This comes from experience second, and the will of Allah first ”

For those of you who missed this KO you can check out here.

Having fought and finished both Fakhreddine and Sayah, the Jordanian had his own opinion about the result of this fight.

“I have fought both of them and I have watched all their previous fights. Fakhreddine’s only chance is Sayah running out of Gas, I don’t see him winning any other way. If I had to share my pick for this one it would be Sayah.”

That wouldn’t be a surprise as we have seen Sayah’s grinding game and it will surely be a big factor on his opponent. Fakhreddine is a finisher and will look to handle business early to escape this trap, but Sayah will surely have a different plan for this night.

Come Desert Force 18 and may the best man win.

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  • Fakherdine is dangerous off his back so he shouldn’t worry about Sayyah’s takedowns

    • Are you insane? Just because Fahreddine is aggressive off his back he shouldnt worry about being taken down by arguably the best wrestler in his division? So your saying Sayah cant win if he plays to his strengths against fakhros biggest weakness (the ground)?

  • Fakhro has no chance…even if sayah runs out of gas.

    Is sayah’s right hand was tight to his left feet and he runs out of gas…then fakhro may have a chance

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