Jarrah AlSelawi Upsets Sayah with An Uttery Inside Comeback

Again and again, Jarrah AlSelawi proves that it's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog that actually matters.


Amman Jordan – Again and again, Jarrah AlSelawi proves that it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog that actually matters.

After being taken down and pummeled all through the first round, Jarrah Alselawi and in front of his home crowd surprised everyone with a KO/TKO win over his last minute Algerian opponent. Sayyah ate a brutal head-kick and it was all over!

The welterweight bout was part of the main card of Desert Force event at King Hussein Sports City, Amman. It aired on MBC Action following prelims.

This fight was originally set to take place between Tarek Suleiman and Jarrah Al Selwawi, yet a last minute replacement due to visa issues had Mohamed Sayyah step in to face Jarrah with one day notice.

Al Selawi had a hard time handling the bigger Sayyah in the first round as he took him down early and pressured him all through the round.

Early in the second round Jarrah Alselawi managed to drop Mohamed Sayyah with a stiff head kick as he was going for a takedown, then rallied to finish with a brutal TKO victory. By the time it was over, Al Selawi (4-1) had won his second straight fight in Desert Force promotion after referee Mark Goddard called a merciful end to the bout early in the second.

“Sayyah thought that all the fight will be on the ground, he didn’t expect me to throw a knee as he went down for the takedown. I tagged him and Thank god for everything.”

Al Selawi made sure to remind everyone that he is a power to reckon in the Desert Force welterweight division, and that he has plenty of firepower in his fearsome strikes. This win brings him closer to a possible title fight against the current welterweight champion Mounir Lazzez.

Desert Force 17 Full Fight Card Results:

  • Hamza Kooheji Vs Ghaleb Harahshe, Hamza Kooheji, Round 2, via TKO
  • Mohamed Sayah Vs Jarrah Al Silwawi, Jarrah Al Silawi, Round 2, via TKO
  • Amr Wahmann Vs Mohammad Fakhreddine, Mohammad Fakhreddine, Round 1, via Submission due to strikes
  • Lois Cadet Vs Abdulkareem Selwady, Abdulkareem Al Selwady via Unanimous Decision
  • Jarjis Danho Vs Stefan Traunmuller, Jarjis Dahno, Round 1, via TKO
  • Abdelali Hariri Vs Nawras Abzakh, Nawras Abzakh, Round 1, via Rear Naked Choke
  • Yousef Abu Shreekh Vs Amin Nacheb, Amin Nacheb, Round 1, via Guillotine Choke
  • Rami Hamed Vs Walid Akrouh, Rami Hamded, Round 1, via KO
  • Jalal Daaja Vs Ali Al Qaisi, Jalal Daaja via Unanimous Decision
  • Ezzedine AlDerbane Vs Hussein Salem, Ezzedine Al Derbane, Round 1, via Disqualification
  • Silvester Saba Vs Saddam Abou Ragheb, Saddam Abou Ragheb via Unanimous Decision

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  • Georges you must be a lebanese fan right? probably a fan of Fakhreddine right? Why so much hate after the event. Chill, your guy lost. He got over it. Whats your problem

    • Hey hamzah, I am lebanese and no one said I’m with fakhreddine… Fakhreddine lost and jarrah won “respect” but in this fight he was landing a mid section kick and because sayyah was going for a takedown he was knocked out by a knee… anyways thats the game and jarrah won, but that wasnt meant.

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