Joeshwa Mortada Vs Bachir Yammine Booked For Phoenix 1 MMA Card


A lightweight bout pitting Joeshwa Mortada Vs Bachir Yammine has been booked to Phoenix 1 on Dec. 10 in Beirut, Lebanon.

The televised event is scheduled to take place at Nohad Nawfal Arena in Beirut. Phoenix Fighting Championship has announced the fight during the pre-fight conference which took place on October 8.

For Joeshwa Mortada, December will be proving ground as he makes his long-awaited pro-debut after an impressive ride in the amateur ranks. The Lebanese standout has participated twice in the IMMAF world championships, becoming the first Lebanese to bring home a medal in the international competition.

On the other hand, Bachir Yammine (1-1) will be looking to rebound from a 2015 loss to Hussein Salem at Desert Force Championship. After scoring 4 MMA amateur wins, two of which under the Cage Warrior banner, Yammine had a successful pro-debut in 2014. Yammine also has an extensive Kung Fu background, and has reigned as the Lebanese Sanda national champion for over 13 years.

Who you got for this one?

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