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John Makdessi Defeats Forte at UFC 165 in Toronto (+ KO Video)

After being injured and forced to withdraw from UFC 162, John “The Bull” Makdessi comes back hard on September 21, 2013 at UFC 165-Toronto Ko’ing the Brazilian Renee Forte in a brilliant fashion! Makdessi adds a 5th win to his UFC career and currently rides a 3 win streak!!The Bull is on fire.. Who’s next!

The opening minute of the first round started with quick strikes from both fighters, Forte scoring with some punches. Two minutes into that same round, Makdessi lands a straight left and counters with a mean right that stunned Fortee and sends him to the ground. Makdessi leaves no space for Renee to recover following with a barrage of punches.

John Makdessi trains with his mind and body and fights with his heart.. This is his life, this is what he dreams of day in and day out .. Hard work and dedication!!Stay Tuned for more news on John “THEBULL” Makdessi

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