Jordan Amateur Championship JAC 2 Results

JAC Main event
Photo credit: JENDAR KHEMESH — at JAC , King Hussein , New Boxing Arena , Amman .

Jordan Amateur Championship (JAC) closed its doors on Friday March 6th on 9 exciting MMA fights headlined by a spectacular war between Mohammad Seeto and Ali Al Qasi, with the latter snatching the win via unanimous decision. Also in the night, three K1 belts were awarded, crowning Jalal Al Da’jaa (61kg), Saif Zaqzouk (65Kg), and Yousef Zoughbaba (80kg) as the first JAC K1 champions of their respective weight divisions.

JAC 2 Results:

  • Mohammad Kashour Vs Frieh Harahsheh, Frieh harahsheh 1st round via rear neck choke
  • Mohammed Ahed Vs Talal Da’aja, Draw
  • Omar Khaldi Vs Jalal Da’aja, Jalal Da’aja via unanimous decision
  • Ahmad Kashour Vs Jafar Tamimi, Jafar Tamimi via 1st round armbar
  • Fathi Mohammad Vs Yazan Shamyleh, Yazan Shamyleh via unanimous decision
  • Mohammad Qadoura Vs Saif Al Zaqzouq, Saif al Zaqzouq via unanimous decision
  • Faris Al Dawaymeh Vs Safwat Bitar, Faris Al Dawaymeh via unanimous decision
  • Nart Abida Vs Amer Wazzan, Amer Wazzan via 2nd round triangle choke
  • Mohammad Salameh Vs Yousef Zoughbaba, Yousef Zoughbaba via unanimous decision
  • Mohammad Kazimi Vs Anzawer Yakhouth, Anzawer Yakhouth via 3rd round TKO
  • Ali Al-Qasi Vs Mohammad Seeto, Ali al Qaisi via unanimous decision
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