Hashem Arkhagha Suspended For 6 Months After Unsportsmanlike Conduct


The Jordanian MMA Federation has officially decided to take action regarding the latest incident at the Desert Force “Al Academiya” Show! After meeting up with GM Mohamed Mirza it has been announced that Desert Force Middleweight champion Hashem Arkhagha will face a 6 months suspension for his unsportsmanlike conduct featured in “Al Academiya” latest episode.

It all started right after Bandar’s win over Ali AlHadi in the 7th episode of Al Academiya! Hashem Arkhagha, the coach of the blue team (Team Arkhagha), decides to take his frustration inside the cage with a real unprofessional move attacking the Saudi fighter! As the iron is still hot, Ali Alhadi in turn attacks Bandar in what almost broke into a huge brawl as fighters from both teams and the crew on ground stepped in to cool things down.

Hashem Arkhagha commented on his Facebook page:

The federation suspended me for 6 months!!!!
Well **** you and your damn decisions !!!
A guy who bites is not suspended and I get a 6 months suspension that’s bull shit , I will never compete with Arabs anymore ……

The champ raises a very important question! What happens to the other 2 fighters? One of them biting his opponent and the other attacking after the fight was finished!

Yet an even more important questions hits us! Will Hashem Arkhagha be granted early release before his title defense fight against Mohammad Fakhreddine in the Desert Force Finals this January? If not, will he still be the Champion or will Desert Force officials strip of his title?

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  • Mirza supposed to share it that time (10 months back) with feds OR cut it from the show…
    I feel sorry for fakhr elden, he went to a camp in Thailand preparing for the match.. bad luck for him .. at least he deserve to get a good opponent replacing hashem.
    inshalla we will see the champ before these 6 months we bdal el champ

  • No listen , although i am a fakherdinne big fan , but hashem got a point , common 6 months is unfair for what he did , at the end of the day we are all human beings and we have feelings and we can make mistakes . this fight was supposed to happen ! . this outcome is a big loss for everyone !! Both fighters , desert force and us !! .


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