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Jordan’s Al Silawi to Face Lilly at PFL Challenges Series

Jarrah Al Silawi is set to make his much-awaited debut at the PFL after dominating the ranks of BRAVE Combat Federation winning the championship on two occasions. Currently, on a three-fight win streak, the Jordanian Lion will face Lilly (7-6-0). Michael Lilly is, unfortunately, looking to redeem his career in the wrong place against the Jordanian Lion who has a professional record of 16-3-0.

Lilly is set to face one of the nightmares of his professional career as the cage door shuts with him alongside Al Silawi at PFL. Al Silawi is a beast who can dominate global athletes in all departments and can make his presence felt in the PFL Challenger series. While Silawi is set to make his PFL debut on 25 February 2022, his die-hard army of fans including those from Jordan is awaiting their hero to raise the Jordanian flag.

Also, Al Silawi has proved himself from time to time against top fighters around the world with impressive records, the fight will mark his first after almost 10 months. Al Silawi has all the elements to make a future champion at the PFL and the fight will be one for the ages.

At the Arabs MMA, we have the prediction that the bout will not go beyond the first round under normal circumstances with the Jordanian Lion shredding the Lilly apart winning anyway Al Silawi chooses to win.

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