Karaki Talks Dropping Weight/ Sami Antar Challenging Him

Truth is, our beloved light heavyweight champ is being bombarded with criticism these days


*Rocky Balboa music pops up suddenly*… Another article about our champ Mhamad “O Lutador” Karaki. How exciting! Truth is, our beloved light heavyweight champ is being bombarded with criticism these days. We sat down with Mr. Karaki to get things straight about his next fight in the Desert Force middle weight (84 KG) division, his Desert Force light heavyweight (93 KG) shield and his reply to the Sami Antar challenge.


“I accepted the bout against Mollamahdi for only one reason. I want to stay active, and the only way to fight was to cut weight and fight on another division. So, I asked Desert Force to let me fight at 84 KG, but keep the title shield to defend later. They accepted that’s it.”

In the famous words of Robert De Niro from the Meet The Parent part II movie: “That’s it”. It’s actually good thinking from Karaki wanting to stay active and fight after being away for such a long period. A move to be respected for. Also, it’s not like he doesn’t want to defend his title, but there really wasn’t any competition. Such a move is a risk for a champion and shows the character of a real fighter who enjoys what he does.

In response to Sami Antar, Karaki said:

“Well, Sami Antar called me out and it looks he is taking it seriously. I welcome him any time and am more than ready than any time before. But, I think he should pass a couple of fights to get the chance for a title shot”.

Kind of reminds me of the Rocky Balboa III story, but not really! True, Sami Antar should have a fight or two to prove that he is worthy of getting a title shot, for two reasons:

      1- Karaki is fighting at 84 KGs anyway (So, it’s not like he’s sitting around doing nothing).
      2- Giving Antar a direct title eliminates the spirit of the tournament. A mixed martial arts fighter, especially a high ranked fighter or champ, cannot just be put up against any one who jumps out of nowhere for a challenge (With all due respect to Sami Antar, I’m sure that he’s a tough guy who wanted to do Karaki a heart-felt favor)


“I promise him whenever the fight is set and scheduled that I will show him what a real fight is.”

I hope this fight does happen eventually, I’m loving the build-up already. Will Karaki keep his promise or will Antar make the champ eat his words at light heavyweight? We’ll just have to weight and see. Stay tuned for more news.

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  • “Spirit of the tournament”?
    I’ve fought in the first ever Light Heavyweight Grand Prix remember?
    This is before Karaki ever set foot in the Desert Force cage.
    After winning my first fight I made it to the finale, but then I got injured and needed surgery. Im not getting anything, and im not jumping out of no where what a ridiculous thing to say. Fact of the matter is THAT’S MY TITLE THERE SON! First he complains about not having a challange, then he complains about getting one. Silly rabbit you need to get your head straight, so I can knock it off in December.

    See ya at the weigh ins and good luck with your fight.

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