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Karate Combat Preview: What to expect from Pit Submission Series in Dubai

Pit Submission Series in Dubai

Making its first appearance in the UAE, the Pit of Submission Series is back to put on another memorable show for fight fans. Scheduled to take place on May 10th as a part of the Karate Combat 45, the tournament brings some of the most talented athletes from both grappling and MMA to fight on its ramped arena. Leading the card, the Australian Craig Jones will square off against the Russian Rinat Fakhretdinov in the Main Event, while Kaynan Duarte and Pouya Rahmani put their skills to the test in the Co-Main Event.

Craig Jones vs. Rinat Fakhredtinov


Chosen for the Pit’s main fight, Craig Jones became an authority in the global grappling market, both for his unorthodox style and for being a unique character on social media. In the mats, the Australian athlete rose to prominence in the international scene by beating Leandro Lo in his first fight at ADCC 2017, a time when Lo was at his best and debuting in the organization after topping Gordon Ryan in a superfight under the same ruleset. After specializing in footlocks with Lachlan Giles and training under John Danaher, Jones went on to create the B-Team with other well-known players in the Jiu-Jitsu world. Still going strong in his sporting career, Jones left a strong impression during his last appearance at the Pit Submission Series as he used the arena’s walls to climb into a beautiful flying triangle choke that earned him the win over UFC’s Philip Rowe.
This time around, Craig Jones will have a challenge on his hands with the Russian Fakhretdinov facing him in the tournament. A UFC athlete with a sturdy foundation in sambo, Rinat stands out for his solid style in grappling duels. Coming off a dominant victory at ADXC 2, Rinat has very strong takedowns and a game that offers little to no space for his opponents on the ground. That Sambo fighting style, coupled with some grappling techniques adapted for MMA cages, make Rinat an even more dangerous foe, pumping the brakes on his adversaries’ advances and then imposing his overwhelming game of fast submissions, such as the high elbow guillotine applied against Kevin Lee, in the first minute of the fight. His explosiveness and solid technical know-how can be a thorn in Craig’s side with his flashy game of transitions.

Kaynan Duarte vs. Pouya Rahmani


In the Co-Main Event, Kaynan Duarte comes as a favorite and it’s easy to understand why. A two-time ADCC gold medalist and IBJJF World Champion, the Brazilian athlete currently stands among the best Jiu-Jitsu has to offer as he successfully combines brains and brawn into a highly strategic game that often showcases a large technical gap between himself and his foes. Fighting like an experienced chess player, Duarte usually waits for his adversary’s move after scoring in order to capitalize on any gaps in the opposing game, a strategy he has used since his colored belt days and fine-tuned during his long journey in the sport. On the other side of the battlefield, however, Pouya Rahmani comes with his full might and his fighting style may spell trouble for Duarte. An ADXC 2 champion, Rahmani showed his solid fighting style at the UAE tournament and came out on top while showcasing his dominance while fighting standing up. With his extraordinary strength and background as a professional wrestler, the Iranian competitor uses his innate traits and solid footwork to take down and avoid takedowns from any opponents, giving him the tools he needs to neutralize Duarte’s skills and even put the Brazilian in a tough spot during the upcoming bout.

Zayed Alkatheeri vs. Osamah Almarwai


Another duel set to light the Pit of Submission’s card ablaze is the clash between the UAE powerhouse Zayed Alkatheeri and One Championship’s Osamah Almarwai. Regarded as one of the top athletes of the current generation in his weight division, Zayed is an ADWPJJC champion and two-time Abu Dhabi Grand Slam gold medalist who cemented his talent among the Jiu-Jitsu community last year, after being the first Emirati competitor to conquer the IBJJF Pan-American title. A well-rounded athlete with quick passes and a flexible guard, Zayed will need every ounce of his skills to face Osamah Almarwai in the upcoming bout. An IBJJF No-Gi Worlds and Pans champion, Osamah is a Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Andre Galvão who rose to prominence after becoming the first Yemeni athlete to conquer the former title. With his extensive grappling record, Osamah signed with the One Championship and has been keeping his skills sharp to make his debut in MMA.

In addition to the Pit of Submission Series in Dubai, the Karate Combat 45 will also feature many high-octane striking matches as it debuts in UAE. The tournament will be hosted by Salman Khan, Bas Rutten, and the MMA legend George St-Pierre, so stay tuned for news and everything else you’ll need to know before diving into the action on May 10th!

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