Khalid Ismail Is The New UCMMA Welterweight Champion!

Saturday the 5th of October witnessed Khalid Ismail being handed the UCMMA Welterweight Belt after his opponent failed to show up! Khalid who was scheduled to fight Julian Kerr at UCMMA36 for the Welterweight belt did all it takes to get to this position , yet after all his ‘big man’ ‘hard’ man talk , Kerr was no where to be found in the Arena!

Everyone expected Khalid to return home with the belt yet , the crowd also expected his opponent to take a ride to the hospital! So after 4 opponents backing up and a 5th one running away at fight night , who is up for the challenge?
Where You At Paul Daley ?! 😉

Should Khalid come to the Middle East to find worthy opponents that will take the fight and give him the War he deserves?What more can a fighter do? Khalid is stronger, and bigger than ever and surely deserves that Championship title!
It’s an open invitation for all the fighters in the UK! If you have anything to prove , kindly step into this cage with the Desert Lion and show the crowd what you got to offer!!

Post fight interview with UCMMA Welterweight Champion Khalid Ismail

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