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Khalid Walid: I Will Definitely Be Back, in the Right Time and in the Right Place

The clock is ticking to the start of one of the most eagerly anticipated sporting tournaments staged in Abu Dhabi


The clock is ticking to the start of one of the most eagerly anticipated sporting tournaments staged in Abu Dhabi as athletes from various nations compete in the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship. In efforts that will shape the near and distant future of Jiu-Jitsu, students from grade 6 till 12 in more than 60 schools across Abu Dhabi are learning Jiu-Jitsu as part of their physical education programme, and members of the military forces of the UAE are practicing Jiu Jitsu as part of their trainings.

Currently living and fighting out of the UAE, Khalid Walid who has started competing in Abu Dhabi World Pro since its first version in 2009 will be missed on mats of the championship this year:

Unfortunately I won’t be able to compete this year because I have started working with Flash Entertainment and as you already know, April will be a very busy month in Abu Dhabi. First comes UFC Fight Night on the 11th of April followed by Abu Dhabi World Pro. So its hard.

I am still managing to keep up with my training classes. I want to take this opportunity from Arabsmma website to apologize from my team Gladiator BJJ for not being able to support them when they need me. I am training with my team and my coach Alex Paz, who is among the great black belts in the capital of Jiu Jitsu, Abu Dhabi.

I competed in first version of the championship 2009, I was a blue belt and I lost in quarter-finals. In 2011, I competed with a blue belt, and I lost in quarter-finals.

2013 was great, I received my brown belt 1 month before the championship, and I was under pressure. I earned the silver medal that day. I hate losing. I learned a lot from my last match. When you lose you learn more, every single moment from the final is still in my head.

I will definitely be back. But as I said before, in the right time and place, and in any organization in the region.

Khalid Walid’s Predictions for Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2014:

In black belt: Filipe Sagateno, Alex Paz, and Bea Mesquita.
In brown belt: Faisal Al Ketbi from UAE.
In blue belt: Fawaz Haddad from Jordan, this kid has a brilliant future in jiu-jitsu.
In white belt: Roy Ashraf from Lebanon.

I would also like to welcome back Tarek Suleiman after his injury. I wish him luck. He did a great step to improve his ground game.

Khalid Walid was scheduled to meet with Tarek Suleiman last June in the Desert Force Finals in what in what could have been one of the best and highest level grappling match-ups in Desert Force. We hope to see Khalid Walid back on he mats and back in the cage soon.

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  • And about u Sawiris?? How knows you? In Brazil, many black belts knows Khaled…

  • Do BJJ for 20 years. I trained with the best teachers. Graduated 15 black belts at my school and we have 170 black belts. Khalid Walid is talented. Ready to fight any international tournament.

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