Remarkable Kid Mits Training at Shogun Gym

Ahmad Ondash , Asian Indoor Games Muay Thai bronze medalist holding mits for his younger brother who seems to pack remarkable power for a kid , Dont you think!!?? With such young talents , can you imagine how this generation of fighters will performance in the Cage ?

Of course, nobody wants to see a couple of seven-year-olds smash their faces until they look like Amir Ismail did after his light heavyweight bout with Feras Saada in Desert Force round 3.

However, that’s not what happens in youth MMA and people need to see it for what it really is, another extra-curricular activity to help the youth burn off some steam and stay out of trouble.This topic will surely be discussed in a more detailed manner as a lot of misconceptions have been drawn!

Asian indoor games Muay Thai bronze medalist Ahmad Ondash holding mits to his younger brother at Shogun Gym

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