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Kiyuukyokushin Karate – Lebanon


Kiyuukyokushin, founded by master Petro Panayoti in 1995, offers a freestyle Fighting System with Karate Boxing and Wrestling. It’s a great Combination of many fighting styles with no rules which enables the practitioner to fight in any situation.

This form of Martial Arts is based on striking power and the ability to take a blow. Powerful blows are honed to perfection by demonstrations where the students punch and kick through wood boards, cinder blocks, bricks, rocks, trees, whatever they Find No Fear No Pain Truly an Iron Body

Body hardening is also an important part of Kiyuukyokushin. Students subject themselves to having objects broken over them or hurled at them “or whatever else their Masters can think of”. In fact they seem to have the hardest bodies between all the other martial arts fighters.

Address: Lebanon, Beirut – Kilikia Street, Slaf Street.

Phone: 70804445 / 01 2604447

Email: kyokushin_karate_lebanon [at] hotmail [dot] com

Kiyuu-kyokushinkai means The Ultimate Truth of Courage and inner energy
Ki = energy
yuu = Courage
kyoku = ultimate
Shin = truth or reality
Kai = the Federation or association

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