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Lebanese Leonardo Chaiban Defeats Tae Kwon Do World Champion Servet Tazegul

2013 World Taekwondo Championship that was held in PUEBLA, MEXICO. on July 15th to 21st was considered a blow on the face for the surprising victory of the Lebanese Taekwondo Champion ” Leonardo Cheiban” over the Tukish Taekwondo Athlete Servat Tazegul. Tazegul, who’s an Olympic champion, 3 times European champion and a world champion as well was defeated in the 32nd round from the stunning, remarkable and the surprising young Lebanese Champion Leonardo Cheiban (7-5).
Everyone was expecting Servat to be crowded as the world champion, but unfortunately, their expectations went wrong! for they’ve missed the point that a Lebanese Champ. Such as Cheiban will face him in the 32nd round, compete him, defeat him and eliminate him as well!!


Cheiban’s victory over Tazegul was considered a shocking event for the whole world and for the Turkish media as well, whom they commented on this event as being ” The Disappointment of the Day..!”
Cheiban’s smart seven Kyoun-go has paralyzed Tazegul’s strategies and made him unable to perform his unseen kick.
Leonardo Cheiban, a Lebanese Champion who has proved to the world that Impossible is nothing, but just an illusion! which can be broken with a strong will, hard work, passion & determination..With those undoubtedly Impossible Can & will be achieved! Furthermore, he has shown all that Taekwondo isn’t just physical but rather tactics & techniques as well. It’s a game of MIND! So Fly high, and never be afraid of falling since there will always be stairs for you to climb up.. AGAIN..!!

Check out History in the making..Full Fight !

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