Lebanese MMA Federation Issues Ban On Tomorrow’s Cedar FC

Lebanese MMA Federation


It seems that the Cedar Fighting Championship organizers have done all what it takes to bring tomorrow’s Cedar FC 1 event to life, just missing out on one detail: officially informing the Lebanese Federation about this event.

The new promotion, Cedar Fighting Championship was set to debut tomorrow, Thursday April 28, 2016, at the Platea Venue, featuring a mixed fight card of professionals and amateurs competitors. The event has been publicized on local TV station, MTV, and everything seemed to be running smoothly until yesterday’s Facebook post issued on the official Lebanese Mixed Martial Arts Federation page that translates into:

To the organizers of Cedar Force: Since when do the incompetent have the right to organize? You are only cheating the fans and the supporters of the sport for the sole purpose of making profit. I am telling you, the Platea stadium will close its doors on the 28th of April.

One must wonder, how could a newly formed organization ignore or forget to address the governing body of MMA in its country of operation. One would also wonder, why didn’t the federation issue any decisions until 2 days prior to the event?

If it’s regulated by Lebanese law that organizers must work with a Federation , then this could be bad news for the 26 fighters , yet if it’s just a matter of etiquette then such decisions can be disregarded.

If both parties don’t come to an agreement, two losers will emerge from this equation, the MMA fans who are waiting to watch some action, and the fighters who put in sweat and hard work to compete on that day.

Stay tuned on ArabsMMA for the latest updates regarding the Lebanese MMA Federation VS Cedar Fighting Championship.

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