Lebanese MMA Pro Cage Fight Night – Bachir Yammine

Bachir Yammine is a National Sanda Champion with multiple regional titles under his belt . Yammine has fought twice in the European promotion Cage Warriors, recently earning an impressive win at Cage Warriors Fight Night 8 in Abu Dhabi. Indeed,his Kung Fu background and constant training with the national team has greatly supplemented his MMA skills and conditioning, and his overall skills with Team Cobra’s Elie Bitar have made him a threat to anyone who steps into his sights. Yammine also works on his boxing skills with Tigers Gym’s Owner/Head coach Hasan Berjawi, who will be cornering him and his other fighters on this occassion .This surely means one thing , Yammine is dangerous in any aspect of a fight.

One thing for sure about Yammine , when he enters the cage you will see some high level stand up skills! That’s one man that will not lay and pray… n that’s a promise !

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