Lebanese Pro MMA Cage Fight Night official weigh-in results

ArabsMMA was on scene and reporting from yesterday's official Pro MMA Cage Fight Night weigh-ins.

Weigh ins Farhat Vs Hammoud

Mansourieh – ArabsMMA( was on scene and reporting from yesterday’s official Pro MMA Cage Fight Night weigh-ins.

Today’s festivities took place at Class Sport in Mansourieh. Tonight’s event will be hosted at Jounieh Port , Civil Defense Rescue Marine.

Among those weighing in are Mohammad Farhat (94.2Kg) and fellow headliner Abdel Amir Hammoud (94.5 Kg), as well as co-headliners Bachir Yammine(70.2Kg) who will be facing Mohammad Jwaydi (69.7) from the General Security team.

Serge Saad Came in 3 Kilos overweight , yet Triumph head coach Dr.Ali Hamadeh had no problem with his fighter taking the fight.

Although Bachir and Mohammad exchanged words, Middleweight fighters Alex Faysal (82.5Kg) and Michel Aoun(83Kg) brought some legitimate heat. After weighing in, Faycal immediately went forehead to forehead with his opponent, which prompted officials to intervene. With tempers at a boiling point, the face-off photo opportunity was scratched, and the fighters were escorted off the stage.

The full weigh-in results included:

  • Nassif Azar (57.5) Vs Mohammad Mohajer (60)
  • Maher Salloum(64.5) Vs Raed Hossein(60.2)
  • Mohammad Amairi (62.5) Vs Ali Tabaja(64)
  • Sandy Nader(51) Vs Rachelle Abdallah(52.5)
  • Mahdi Sakamani (67.5) Vs Mohammad hoblos(75.2)
  • Mohammad Jwaydi(73.2) Vs Bachir Yammine (73.5)
  • Serge Saad(78.5) Vs Arnaud Castanier(75.3)
  • Michel Aoun(82) Vs Alex Faycal(82.5)
  • Obaida Akkary(75) Vs Ahmad Homayda(73)
  • Elio Makhoul (83.5) Vs Robert Abou Sleiman (86.4)
  • Mohammad Farhat(94) Vs Abdel Amir Hammoud(94.5)
  • Elias Baaklini(110) Vs Khalil Murad (115)

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