All Lebanon Submission Fighting Championship Results

All Lebanon Submission Fighting Championship Results


The ‘All Lebanon Submission Fighting Championship’ closed its doors [Sunday October 19, 2014] on a successful event held at We Academy, Mtayleb, Lebanon. Competitors from the most prominent academies met on the mats to showcase their skills including Shogun Gym, Tristar, Pythonz, Atos BJJ, Yaz Team, and Manic. Some familiar names as well competed in the event such as Joeshwa Mortada, Andrew Tarraf, Georges Eid, Imad Hoyek, Roy Dakroub, Silvester Saba, and Elias Baaklini.

1st Maya Hodroj (Shogun)
2nd Joanna Salameh (Tristar)
3rd Christina Karanouh (Shogun)

Male -64kg
1st Roland Yakoubian (Tristar)
2nd Jad Khalil (MMA Academy)
3rd Tony Daoud (Pythonz MMA) & Karim Kourban ( Frère)

Male (64 – 70kg)
1st Mohammad Kafarani (Atos BJJ)
2nd Rami Eid (Atos BJJ)
3rd Goerges Daou (Yaz Team) & Joy Ashkar (Tristar)

Male (70 – 76kg)
1st Moustafa Kafarani (Atos BJJ)
2nd Andrew Tarraf (Tristar)
3rd Georges Feghali (Shogun) & Georges Salem (Shogun)

Male (76 – 82kg)
1st Georges Eid (Tristar)
2nd Joeshwa Mourtada (Tristar)
3rd Ali Eid (GS) & Roy Dakroub (Shogun)

Male (82 – 88kg)
1st Jean Paul Khlat (Tristar)
2nd Mohammad Hmeid (Eshtibak)
3rd Mohammad Shaaban (Atos BJJ) & Charbel Saade (Frère)

Male (88 – 94kg)
1st Hani Sardouk (Atos BJJ)
2nd Imad Hoyek (Tristar)
3rd Elio Makhoul (Shogun) & Elias Baklini (Shogun)

Male (+94kg)
1st Mark Tanios (Tristar)
2nd Micheal Hachem (Manic)
3rd Houssein Shami (MMA Ac) & Michel Zammar (Manic Gym)

1st Place TRISTAR GYM LEBANON (33pts)
2nd Place ATOS (19pts)
3rd Place SHOGUN (9pts)

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