Lebanon’s MMA Community To Be Unified By A Federation


The domino effect can be applied on a diverse of phenomena. A few days ago, the first official Arab MMA Federation came to be after years of politically incorporated battles. Following Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Morocco, Algeria, Palestine, and Syria, the wave has hit the Lebanese shore.

In the coming days, Lebanon’s MMA community will be unified by a Federation whose representatives and officials are yet to be announced. This exciting news has left the Lebanese MMA fan base hyped, as it will mean that MMA in Lebanon is set with concrete forward movement and prosperity.

Who will head this federation? It is still unknown; however speculation says a major name not far from the MMA community, Mr.Khalil Nassour, may be the chosen one. One of the immense supporters of MMA in Lebanon, Khalil Nassour is the man behind paving the way for Desert Force 18 on Lebanese soil, which saw an unprecedented audience count of over 6,000 fans. According to Desert Force officials and national MMA figures, no MMA event has witnessed this kind of fan base under one roof.

What many may not know, is that this very same Khalil Nassour was the man behind the ability and possibility of the National Team of fighters to travel to the United States to compete in the Amateur World MMA Championship in 2014. These fighters, Joeshua Mortada and Imad Hoayek went on to win two bronze Medals this year, at the 2015 IMMAF World championships.

Stay focused with us these next few days and all will be revealed! What is to be the most promising news to happen to MMA in Lebanon since its birth – is finally in arms reach. One Official federation, one focus, one unified vision for MMA and its future in Lebanon.

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