Lina Fayyad’s 20 Second Domination In JAC


Al Hussein Boxing Arena witnessed an amazing amateur fight night with the first installment of the Jordanian Amateur Championship (JAC) that took place in Amman.

Organized and supervised by some of the biggest mixed martial arts names in Jordan and the Arab region, the JAC event was surely a success, opening a door for all amateur fighters to compete and inviting gyms from all over the country to participate and show case their fighters and skills.

One of the most eye catching fights on the JAC card was a fight in the ladies division between Lina Fayyad and Karmel Gaith, that saw a hungry Fayyad outperforming Lina in mere seconds of the first round of the bout. Fighting out of Intensity Gym, home of some of the biggest names in the Jordanian mixed martial arts scene, Fayyad looked motivated, persistent and in top shape leaving Karmel no chance to deal with her.

The fight started with Karmel trying to keep Fayyad at distance by utilizing her jab, however, Fayyad took Karmel down and finished her from the mount position in under 20 seconds. Nothing less than impressive by Fayyad!

The ladies bout marked the fastest fight that night and gave an entertaining show to all mixed martial arts fans, showing that even our ladies can do this in this part of the world.


“I was a little bit disappointed as I was looking for a real fight! I wish Desert Force and Cage Warriors give women a chance to prove themselves. I just need a hard fight. Win or lose is not an issue at this point.”

It is nice to see such devotion and commitment from Fayyad, who by the way is both a Muay Thai and kickboxing champion. She shows to hold a great future in combat sports and mixed martial arts in particular as she will be competing in the Arab kickboxing championship in a week, with no breaks, getting ready for a K1 fight in Dubai. Sounds like a busy schedule.

Best of luck to Lina Fayyad, we will be watching closely for the latest updates. Stay tuned.

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