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Louai Kiblawi: Bechir is a Very Talented Fighter, But I Don’t Think It’s Fair For Ghorabi

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After the unfortunate change of events which led to the postponement and card change for the upcoming event in Jordan, Bechir Majri gets his chance to capitalize on a huge opportunity as he squares off against the champ Mohamad Ghorabi.

In a discussion with media, Team Shogun manager Louai Kiblawi claimed that his trainee’s training camp was built around a different fighter and a different fight, and also believes that this fight is unfair for Ghorabi since he has beaten his last two opponents while Majri is recovering from a loss in his last bout.

Ghorabi was training a lot for this fight, sometimes 3 times a day! Desert force changed the date from 11 to 28, then unexpected change of opponent came up, and Bechir Majri stepped in to face Ghorabi instead of Hajjajy.

Bechir is a very talented fighter, but I don’t think it’s fair for Ghorabi. He is coming from 2 wins at Desert Force and also a clean run at Al Academiya. On the other hand, Majri is coming from a loss in his last fight.

Even though this is a non title fight, but the Shield will come back to Shogun sooner or later!

Majri is a top grappler and Ghorabi is a great striker. Not sure what belt Bechir is, but whatever it is, it won’t cover his chin! May the best man win!

Whilst Ghorabi will not be getting the title shot he had so craved, he will leave this fight certainly capable of saying that he has faced top opposition at 77Kg.

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Desert Force 12 Fight Card Now Includes:


  • Main Event: Tarek Hamdi vs Haider Rasheed
  • Bechir Majri vs Mohammad Ghorabi
  • Jarjis Danho vs Mohammed Abdulkareem
  • Maher Saloum vs Bassel Narmouq


  • Elias Baaklini vs Marc Tanios
  • Ibrahim Sawi vs Rafat Shawee
  • Mohammad Trigui vs Mohammad Hassan
  • Georges Eid vs Lawin Khalil Mustafa
  • Rami Aziz vs. Lois Cadet
  • Saif Quandour vs. Ahmed Saeb
  • Hani Chehimi vs. Jalel Manai
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  • Coming of roids this guy doesn’t deserve title Shit and mist be tested again

  • Excuse me zafer but I am so sick of people saying stupid stuff about ghorabi using steroids, I vouch for ghorabi and say that he does absolutely NOT use steroids! He is athletic from a very young age, and he watches what he eats, so please people stop spreading false rumors, jeez!

  • @Magaly, Mohammad Mirza actually stated that there were 2 fighters that used steroids at a desert force event, he did not say who but Ghorabi was fighting in that card.

  • @Omar, yes you are right, but Mirza also said that those who tested positive will not play in future matches.. but Ghorabi played ..

  • Yousef that is not very right. He say that 1 person is no fighting anymore and 1 was penalized

  • @zafer and @omar why are you guys going for assumption and not facts, while mirza said 2 fighters, he never mentioned any names.

    and Just because Ghorabi is strong as an ox , it doesn’t mean that it is defentaly him

  • Zayan, if we are basing our arguments on assumptions then you are also assuming that because Gorabi is strong like ox he is not doping… . He shuld do one pre and post text next time to prove everyone right/wrng

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