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Making Sense Out Of Desert Force STACKED Welterweight Division


If you were asked to pick one division in Desert Force that is the most competitive and/or exciting you would most likely get the same answer from the majority of fight fans. It’s the welterweights!

In a division with so many interesting contenders, its practically a pick-em!

The champion of the division is injured unfortunately, and we most likely will not see him back in the cage until early 2017. Taking that into consideration, we tried to come up with a plan for the division. Without further ado, lets take a look at how we would match up this division. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

Aniss Al Hajjajy – Mohammad Fakhreddine

This fight has so much to offer. Not only are you matching up fighters with 9-5 and 7-1 records against one another, but you are also putting the interim champion against the former champion. Hajjajy has never lost a fight in Desert Force. In fact, he has finished 3 of his 4 fights in the promotion and is probably the highest level grappler in the entire promotion. In Fakhreddine he would be facing a fighter who made his name as a brawler but has increasingly become a strategic fighter who has rolled off three wins since his sole loss. Fakhreddine faced a great wrestler in Mohammad Sayyah, but lets see how he deals with a submission specialist like Hajjajy.

It also doesn’t harm that these two have engaged in fisticuffs on Social Media recently.

Rami Hamed – David Bear

David Bear made one hell of an impression in his debut in submitting the ferocious Mohammad Ghorabi! Bear showed incredible MIXED martial arts skills in that bout and a capability to transition between striking, wrestling, clinch work and submission attempts. Bear could arguably already step into a title fight slot, however it would be nice to see him earn at least one more victory before getting a shot at the big prize.

Rami Hamed has finished all of his three fights in the first round by TKO and has quickly developed into a crowd favorite. Hamed has buoyed fans in his performances and is practically a guarantor for exciting displays of violence!

This would be a fight between two undefeated fighters… The 0 must go somewhere

Jarrah Al Selawi – Mohammad Ghorabi

Selawi suffered his only setback in Desert Force in January when he lost to the afore mentioned Mohammad Fakhreddine by way of split-decision. Interestingly the Jordanian seemed to be doing well in the initial rounds but surprisingly seemed to suffer from cardio issues that slowed down his output (most notably in the third round). A large number of fans felt that Selawi had already done enough to earn a spot opposite Mounir Lazzez, alas injuries to the latter would hamper his plans. If Jarrah wants to get himself back into contention as fast as possible, then he should face a competitive opponent where a win would immediately elevate him into the role of a contender…. And what better opponent than Mohamad Ghorabi?

Both fighters are coming off losses in fights that many considered to be contender fights. This would be a fight where the winner would stand to gain a lot

Honorable mentions:

– Christofer silva – Sofiane Oudina
– Tarek Suleiman – Bechir Majri

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  • great matchup , well done, i hope it happens. !! and this is definitely the best weight division in desert force !

  • this is a hell of fights, we as fans wish they make it happend and enjoying everybody

  • I would love to see all of these matchups in one single event. They can call it the welterweight special event.

  • It would be awesome to see a bout between the interim champ Mohamed Fakhreddin against AlAcademia finalist Ahmed Labban…….fireworks !!

    • lets be real here, Laban is still starting anf Fakrheddine would demolish him.

      • What I mean is that this fight would generate some good money and attraction, those who are “starting” are giving us till now the beat entertainement, ie: Silawi, David Bear ,Hamed etc…. Am i wrong or what !?

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