Marcos Oliviera: I Want to Put Both GFC Belts on My Shoulder

In a post fight interview with GFC, Marcos states that he looks forward to have the MMA belt after he took the GFC grappling belt

World Champion BJJ Black Belt and MMA fighter Marcos Oliviera adds a new heavyweight title belt to his record at the GFC (Gladiators Fighting Championship) Grappling Tournament that was held yesterday in Kuwait

Marcos also served as supervising referee for the GFC Grappling tournament. This tournament is unique in the fact that it is one round of 6 minutes with the winner picked by the referee at the end of the round. With this being the first ever No Gi tournament held in Kuwait it’s good to see GFC bring professionals with experience to help coordinate the days events.

Will we see the Brazilian Jiujitsu specialist in the next GFC-Gladiator Fighting Championship ? If so , who will he face ? One thing is for sure , no local fighter will step in the cage with this man and go out in one piece! A rematch with Shamil will be the ultimate main event to ever take place in Kuwait!


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