Martial Arts for Children for Fitness and Mind Perfection


Lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars are wildcats. They attack with no fear, they defend with ferociousness. They are not your usual house pets; yet, you find an adult 200 kg tiger playing peacefully with it’s owner’s 1 year old. All the aggression, and all the instinct reactions are put aside. The once ferocious, and merciless wildcat is able to tame its desires and repress its instinctive actions and simply play with utmost sympathy and compassion. This is achieved through training the cats by professionals give them various exercises. Similarly as taming a wildcat, practicing Martial Arts prepares one’s self, mends and molds it into one that is healthy, that is more responsive, and that counts to 10 before in stressful situation. All the anger, all the frustration is transferred from one’s inner body through the grapples, the kicks, and the punches, the jabs. Practicing Martial Arts is beneficial because it not only shapes the physical health of one, but also works on his/her personality.

The Reasons

1. Active Outcome

Practicing Martial Arts does not only mean you’re becoming healthy, it means that you’ll be fit; and BEING FIT IS GOOD! Take is as a prevention to help your kids escape from becoming obese in a modern life that requires zero expenditure of energy by playing football on the TV, or give it to them as a retreat from their continuos lifestyle of texting and virtual social interaction. At this young age, it will help them build and adopt a better physique and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your Kids will have sugar rushes no more!

2. Embrace the inner monk

Simply put, they’ll learn to be active and sharp in the most possible calm way ever. They’ll enhance their focus skills, their senses will be sharpened. Their overall average response time to a sudden stimulus will be more accurate and way faster.

3. Hug the Jab, Love the hook

Your children will get used to taking hits. They’ll get used to absorbing the humiliation of a punch, but that wont make them any less of the men/women they truly are. Martial Arts will let them grow beyond their age, it will help them understand that failure is something that should not be feared from but learned from. It will help them get wise. They will understand that only to achieve success, you must know what made you fail.


Practicing Martial Arts has its perks besides being fit and the beast you already are. It will give your children an extra boost in their self confidence and enhance their self respect. Your children will not succumb to the bully’s demands. They will not fall pray to the predators. They will demand respect from others, and they will be supplied by it.

5. Use it, they will, and use it they must.

Discussed earlier, Martial Arts will help your children sharpen their senses. They will understand how their body works best when coordinated properly with their mind. They will understand that a healthy connection between the mind and body is the main purpose of practicing Martial Arts. Without this deep connection, one cannot maintain a fit, active life.

6. No more cries for help.

A well shaped Martial Artist is best at untying knots. They need to develop the ability to act fast and think faster. What do I do after he punched me ? How will i stop this jab ? Damn, thats a big fist, how will I block it ? With the right training, and the right background, Martial Arts will help them progress their ability to think critically, but think critically right!


7. How do I take this Oxygen gas ?

One of the most essential and instinctive act we as humans do is inhaling and exhaling oxygen, but are we doing it right ? Martial Arts will help you learn how to breath it will enhance your child’s breathing pattern. Martial Arts will help him control his breathing which will do him/her nothing but good. Knowing how to breathe will give you those 5-6 seconds extra to your threshold of enduring a choke to the neck; it will increase the time between the initiation of the choke to the time of the tap out.

The Lesson Learned

“They will understand that only to achieve success, you must know what made you fail. They will demand respect from others, and they will be supplied by it. They attack with no fear, they defend with ferociousness.”

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