Matchup Roundup: Middle East MMA fights and events announced for January

MMA fight announcements are hard to follow. With so many outlets and channels available, it’s nearly impossible to organize. Our friend Yousef Mohammed from MMA 101 has found his ways though.

Each month, we will compile all the newly surfaced fights in one spot.  Similar to this article, you can expect a feature listing all the announced fights and upcoming events that feature Arab athletes. We aim to break or confirm Middle East MMA fights before we publish official fight announcements. Here is the list from January 2024.

Starting with January 11 – King Of Fighters – KOF 3 which is set to take place in Marseille, France. You can watch the event live on KOF Facebook.

  • Haidy Ahmed (Egypt) vs. Mafalda Carmona (Portugal)
  • Alaya Yassine (Tunisia) vs. Aldjouma Sy (France)
  • Amine Zerhouni (Algeria) vs. Mazri Ammar (France)
  • Badr Medkouri (Morocco) vs. John Winter (Suriname)
  • Sami Yahia (Algeria) vs. Meijy Portela (Brazil)
  • Ylies Djiroun (Algeria) vs. Jason Ponet (France)

On January 14 – Lights Out MMA 14 will feature 2 Lebanese athletes Abe Alsaghir, who’s looking for his 4th consecutive win, and Ali Rahal. The matches will be LIVE at 5:30 PM UAE in Michigan, USA  on

  • Ali Rahal (Lebanon) vs. Ethan Pauley (USA)
  • Abe Alsaghir (Lebanon) vs. Jerome Featherstone (USA)

On January 19, Hassna Gaber fights at MMA ATTACK in Poland. You can watch the fight at 10:00 PM UAE on Polsat Channels

On January 21 UAE Warriors 47 – Arabia 13 will be LIVE at Mubadala Arena in Abu Dhabi. You can watch all the fights at 6PM-UAE LIVE on UFC Fight Pass.

  • Jalal Al Daaja (Jordan) vs. Mehdi Saadi (Tunisia)
  • Wisssem Hammami (Tunisia) vs. Omran Chaaban (Lebanon)
  • Bashar Thaer (Iraq) vs. Idriss M’Roivili (France)
  • Yazan Jaber (Palestine) vs. Ali Abbas (Iraq)
  • Mohamad Mamdouh (Egypt) vs. Ali Yazbeck (Lebanon)
  • Eman Almudhaf (Kuwait) vs. Hager Ragab Ali (Egypt)
  • Maraoune Bellagouit (Morocco) vs. Jules Hakim (Lebanon)
  • Mohammed Osseili (Lebanon) vs. Abdul Wahab Saeed (Egypt)
  • Maysara Mohammed (Egypt) vs. Alfredo Muaiad (Chile)
  • Abdullah Bou Shehri (Kuwait) vs. Omar Eldafrawy (Egypt)

    January 26 will mark the second edition of the Middle East Fighting Championship. The event will be LIVE on MBC Action.

  • Ricardo Bachir (Lebanon) vs. Ercin Sirin (Albania)
  • Ridouan Errami (Morocco) vs. Mohammed Azzani (Saudi Arabia)
  • Abdelrahman Masalmeh (Jordan) vs. Mohammad Trabelsi (Tunisia)
  • Abdullah Al Jabareen (Jordan) vs. Ahmed Attia (Egypt)
  • Abdel Haq Amhidra (Morocco) vs. TBA (To Be Announced)
  • Hazem Kayali (Jordan) vs. Abderrahmane Smaili (Algeria)
  • Mohamed Mutie (Jordan) vs. Mohamed ElDeeb (Egypt)
  • Hussein Salem (Iraq) vs. Ahmed El Sissy (Egypt)
  • Badreddine Diani (Morocco) vs. TBA (To Be Announced)
  • Nawras Abzakh (Jordan) vs. Azouz Anwar (Egypt)

Hexagone MMA 13 on January 27 will feature 2 very interesting matches LIVE from Paris, France.

  • Nacim Belhouachi (Morocco) vs. Magomed Kadirov (Russia)
  • Mehdi Ben Lakhdhar (Morocco) vs. Osvald Fedorovic (Lithuania)

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