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Meet The Voices Behind Your Favorite Martial Arts Shows

What holds together your live Mixed Martial Arts coverage? It’s your commentators, of course. Who are these men? Do they have experience in Mixed Martial Arts? You bet they do. Most of them are either dedicated practitioners, or dedicated students of the game.

These men are the voices of MMA, and you would not want to meet some of them in a dark alleyway either. Aside from their deep knowledge of the sport, their informative, insightful words explain what’s actually going on during a fight, and the implications of each and every move made by a fighter. Their narrative gives the fight a storyline which compels us viewers to watch it until the end.

As your hero is tossed to the ground, the commentator will give you crucial information regarding how much danger he is in. As one fighter appears to have his head locked in a vice-like grip, the commentator may inform you that the grip is not tight enough for a finish, and in actual fact is burning the energy of the perpetrator. Their charisma excites you and enhances your viewing experience. Their words are soothing and provide a crucial role in your viewing pleasure.

Here are the fantastic five Arab commentators, the unsung heroes of MMA, whose voices you have been hearing for some time on your televisions – you just didn’t know who they were.

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