MEFC 3 Announced For March 8, rumored title fight


Middle East Fighting Championship (MEFC) returns with the third event that will take place on March 8. The event is rumored to be headlined by a featherweight title fight. There also are other possible matchups that could happen inside MEFC’s cage. 

Eslam Mostafa vs. Hazem Kayyali 

This particular matchup was originally scheduled for the initial MEFC event. However, the fight wasn’t realized and Kayyali’s professional debut was postponed.  

Kayyali, the gold medalist at the 2021 IMMAF World Championship, entered professional MMA by facing Abrreahman Smaili at MEFC 2. Demonstrating his skills, Kayyali brought his opponent down to the mat, maintaining control from the side mount. Employing a series of techniques, including a forceful elbow strike to the face, an attempted Americana, and transitioning to a full mount, he eventually secured victory by executing a Head and Arm choke, forcing Smaili to tap out. Eslam Mostafa Abdel Menem in turn took another match up at UAE Warriors Arabia 13 and def. Idriss M’roivili via Unanimous Decision.


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MEFC 3 event is a good time to finalize the original matchup. Kayyali has his first professional win to his name and is ready to test himself against other, more experienced opponents. As an EVO, BRAVE, and UAE Warriors veteran, Mostafa is a perfect choice for his next step as a professional fighter.   

Ali Nidal vs. Omar Hussein

This is another matchup that didn’t materialize on the original fight card. The fight was scheduled to take place at MEFC 2 back in January. However, Nidal was forced to withdraw due to an injury. Both fighters had agreed to fight on another date, preferably it will happen at the MEFC 3. 


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Ali Nidal has a 7 – 5, 1 NC professional MMA record. The Iraqi fighter is a regular on the Middle East regional MMA circuit. He won three out of his last four fights.

Omar Hussein stacked up a 9 – 6 record. He’s a UAE Warriors, BRAVE CF, and PFL veteran. However, he was unsuccessful in his BRAVE CF and PFL stints, as he lost his sole fights in both promotions.

What’s next for Ahmed El Sisy

El Sisy made his most recent appearance at MEFC 2, where his bout against Nizar Omar Taweb ended as a No Contest. The bout ended shortly in the very first round due to an accidental groin shot. It happened during a clinch when El Sisy’s knee strike landed on Omar’s groin area. The rematch should take place so the fans can see who’s the better fighter.


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There’s also another, potential matchup for the Egyptian fighter. Originally El Sisy was scheduled to take on Hussein Salem. The Iraqi fighter sports a solid 10 – 5 record and won three out of the last four fights. This is also a good bout to book, considering that the two were supposed to square off.


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