Middle East Emerging as the Prime Hub for Investments for Global MMA by 2024

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has gained significant popularity in the Middle East in recent years, and the sport has had a notable influence in the region. One of the primary drivers of MMA’s growth in the Middle East is the emergence of Arab and Dagestani fighters who have achieved success on the international stage, such as Khabib Nurmagomedov and Islam Makhachev.

While the UFC played a supportive role in promoting MMA in the Middle East, promotions like BRAVE Combat Federation laid the foundations for the future. In 2019, the UFC held its first-ever event in the region, UFC 242, in Abu Dhabi, which was headlined by Khabib Nurmagomedov. The event was a massive success, drawing fans from across the region and generating significant interest in the sport.

Arab fighters competing in major MMA promotions such as the BRAVE Combat Federation, Professional Fighters League (PFL), UAE Warriors, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) have added to the impact of the sport in the Middle East. The presence of Arab fighters in these organizations has not only helped to raise the profile of the sport in the region but also provided opportunities for local fighters to showcase their skills on the international stage. BRAVE CF has made a conscious effort to promote and develop local MMA talent in the Middle East, and Arab fighters have been at the forefront of this effort.

One of the most successful Arab fighters at BRAVE CF is Mohammed Fakhreddine, who became the promotion’s first-ever champion in two weight classes and Jarrah Al-Selawi from Jordan. BRAVE CF has showcased several prominent fighters from the region, including Eldar Eldarov, Abdul Kareen Al-Selwadi, Ottman Azaitar, Hashem Arkhagha, Hamza Kooheji, and Izzeddine Al-Derbani. The presence of Arab fighters in BRAVE CF has helped to raise the profile of the organization in the Middle East, while also contributing to the growth of MMA in the region. With more Arab fighters likely to join the organization in the future, the impact of MMA on the Middle East is set to continue to expand.

The success of Arab fighters in the BRAVE Combat Federation, PFL, UAE Warriors, and UFC has helped to create role models for aspiring MMA fighters in the Middle East, while also contributing to the growth of the sport in the region. Overall, MMA’s influence in the Middle East has been significant, with the sport’s popularity continuing to grow in the region and the emergence of Arab fighters bringing increased attention to the sport.

BRAVE Combat Federation has a unique role to play in the development of MMA in the Middle East and beyond. The organization has distinguished itself through its innovative and inclusive approach to promoting the sport, with a focus on developing local talent, promoting cross-cultural understanding, collaborating with other organizations, and engaging fans. Additionally, BRAVE Combat Federation has demonstrated a commitment to social responsibility through initiatives such as the KHK Heroes Foundation. These efforts have established the organization as a leader in the MMA industry and positioned it to play a key role in the future of the sport in the Middle East and beyond.

The recent growth and success of MMA in the Middle East, coupled with the presence of Arab fighters in major promotions such as the UFC, PFL, and BRAVE CF, is likely to attract investments to the region for MMA by 2024. The increasing popularity of the sport in the Middle East has created a growing fan base, which has in turn created new opportunities for investors.

The presence of major MMA promotions in the region, such as BRAVE CF, has already led to significant investments from local and international sponsors, as well as partnerships with major brands. For example, BRAVE CF has partnered with several major sponsors and brands, including IMMAF, KHK Sports and MTK Global, to help finance its events and initiatives.

In addition, the growth of MMA in the Middle East has created new opportunities for infrastructure investments, such as the construction of state-of-the-art training facilities and MMA gyms, as well as the development of MMA-related tourism. Countries such as the United Arab Emirates have already made significant investments in the development of sports infrastructure, including MMA facilities, and are likely to continue to do so in the coming years.

Overall, the recent developments in MMA in the Middle East, including the success of Arab fighters in major promotions and the growth of organizations such as BRAVE CF, are likely to create a fertile ground for investments in the sport by 2024. As the popularity of MMA continues to grow in the region, so too will the opportunities for investors looking to capitalize on this burgeoning industry.

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Hari Bhagirath is the former Chief Creative Officer at BRAVE Combat Federation. Currently, he heads Strategic Relations and Financial Communication for a major Fortune 100 organization. He is also the co-founder of Totem Capital, a private wealth management initiative.



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