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Mixed Martial Arts Commentary in the Middle East

Let’s talk about the best Middle East MMA commentators. Mixed Martial Arts has become incredibly big in the Middle East lately, surging in popularity.  There are loads of top-notch events happening frequently. And you know what adds to the thrill of it all? The commentators. These guys aren’t just talking heads, they’re passionate fans who are experts of the game. They bring so much energy, knowledge, and even cultural value to the table, making watching MMA even more exciting. So, let’s shine a spotlight on five of the best MMA commentators in the region, each with their own unique way of making fights come alive.

Middle East MMA Commentators

Rio Altaie

Rio Altaie is not just a voice; he is a presence that has become almost synonymous with MMA in the Middle East. Known for his deep understanding of the sport, Altaie brings a blend of technical knowledge and passionate delivery that makes every fight seem like a blockbuster event. His work has graced numerous high-profile events, making his voice familiar to any MMA fan in the region. Altaie’s seniority and his ability to connect with fans, both new and old, set him apart in the world as one of the best Middle East MMA commentators.

Events he has commentated for: UFC, ONE Championship, Cage Warriors, Brave CF; Karate Combat, Rising Stars, Hexagon, ACS, Social KO and many more

Mohd Alhosani

Mohamed Alhosani has made a name for himself with his charismatic commentary in Arabic, catering extensively to the local audience. His fluency in the language and cultural nuances adds an authentic Middle Eastern flavour to his commentaries, making MMA more accessible and enjoyable for regional fans. Alhosani’s commentary spans many marquee events, and his voice has become a staple as one of the finest Middle East MMA commentators. His experience and fervour for the sport are evident in every match he calls. He gained the nickname Mo Rogan, as he was the first ever Arabic MMA commentator for UFC.

Events he has commentated for: UFC, AJP, Brave CF, PFL

Ammar Al Mutie


A seasoned figure in MMA commentary, Ammar Mutie has long distinguished himself since gaining recognition on the Desert Force show. A black belt and a respected personality in the field, Mutie combines deep technical knowledge with engaging commentary, making him a trusted voice in the region. Currently, he heads the Middle East Fighting Championship, further cementing his influential presence in the MMA community.

Events he has commentated for: UFC, Brave CF, PFL 

Tarek Suleiman

Originally a fighter, he has transitioned into commentary with the same intensity and dedication he showed in the cage. His first-hand fighting experience offers viewers an insider’s perspective on the complexities of MMA. Suleiman’s commentary is filled with technical insights and fighter psychology, enriched by his own experiences. This unique viewpoint makes him a beloved commentator among fans who appreciate the depth he brings to his analysis of fights.

Events he has commentated for: UFC, UAE Warriors

Ahmad Bsairy

Ahmad Bsairy rounds out this list with his dynamic commentary style that mixes humour with expertise. His approachable manner and witty commentary make him a favourite among younger audiences. Bsairy’s ability to inject humour into his commentaries, without undercutting the tension and excitement of the matches, showcases his skill as a commentator. His engaging style ensures that the technicalities of MMA are both informative and entertaining.

Events he has commentated for: UFC, MEFC, ADXC

Honorable mentions for Middle East MMA commentators.

  • Anas Siraj: Warriors, UFC
  • Majid Amlamrzooqi: UAE Warriors, UFC, MEF
  • Zahi Ephram: UFC, Karate Combat
  • Mohd Karaki: DF, MEFC
  • Ali Mokdad: Cage Warriors, One Championship, and Social KO
  • Mohd Alketbi: DF, MEFC
  • Ghallia Boggali: PFL, UAE Warriors

The MMA commentary landscape in the Middle East mirrors the sport’s diversity, showcasing a range of commentators, each with their own distinct style and knowledge. These voices, spanning from seasoned veterans to emerging talents, play a crucial role in enriching the viewers’ experience, contributing significantly to the growth of MMA’s following in the region. Their coverage, spanning both local and international events, serves as a bridge, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the intense emotions and technical intricacies of MMA. Whether offering insightful analysis, cultural context, or a sprinkle of humor, these Middle East MMA commentators form an indispensable part of MMA in the Middle East.

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