MMA Community Supports The Lebanese Skier Jackie Chamoun

Jackie Chamoun, 22, is an Olympic skier from Lebanon who made headlines after pictures of her semi-nude began to circulate online. The images came from a behind-the-scenes video of a photo shoot Chamoun did with a number of other athletes in varying levels of undress.

The story of Jackie Chamoun the lebanese Olympian penetrated all the way to the MMA scene. Posing in a manner that “some people” thought was offensive.


Louai Kiblawi, Manager of Team Shogun posted this lovely photo of him and his three siblings in support of Jackie.


Nader Tannir:

Everybody nows knows that Jackie Chamoun posed semi-nude for a couple behind the scenes pictures in a photoshoot. Everybody else knows that the sports minister of Lebanon decided to interfere in the matter and say it was an embarrassment to Lebanon .No sir you are an embarrassment to Lebanon , you are an embarrassment to sports in Lebanon and to the Lebanese athletes .This girl has paid for her training , for her travels and for her competitions to get to this level much like all the other Lebanese athletes and fighters .What gives you the right to have any control over her when you didn’t support her training , her competitions or her travels.I am one of the best Lebanese JiuJitsu practitioners in the world.I represented the Lebanese junior national team in kickboxing as a teenager .i compete with my shirt off barring the cedar tree I’m asking the Lebanese ministry of sport if I’m an embarassement and if I need to be investigated too

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