MMA Movement in the Middle East

In the recent times the Arab region has seen an exponential jump in global activity in MMA. Two promotions are making their way to the global arena. The Lebanese Phoenix promotion and the Bahraini promotion Brave Combat Federation are leading the way for recognition across the board. Both are also engaged with the two global players of amateur MMA, the IMMAF and the WMMAA.

Phoenix has announced their 3rd installment to take place in London in September, and Brave CF has already been traveling around exhibiting their well-organized events in countries such as Brazil, India and Kazakhstan.

Lebanon and the WMMAA

Phoenix has linked with the World Mixed Martial Arts Association (WMMAA) for amateur MMA after a recent visit from the Vice President Alexander Engelhardt. Lebanon is the first Arab country to be welcomed into the association, and has been invited to participate in the World Championship they have coming up in Kazakhstan in September.

This association gains country membership by the month and predominately focuses on Europe and Asia. With 4 world championships and 4 European Championships completed, the WMMAA is in the run to achieve recognition to become the world representative of MMA and hopes to take it to the Olympics.

Bahrain and the IMMAF

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF), also on the same mission as the WMMAA, is competing for world recognition of the sport of MMA. This federation has partnered with Bahrain and will have their Word Championship of Amateur MMA event take place on Bahraini soil later this year. Bahrain created KHK MMA under His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa to bring his passion of MMA up to the international standards and break into the monopolized domain of the U.S Ultimate Fighting Championship promotion. KHK MMA gave birth to Brave CF which is the successful mobile promotion gaining speed. Brave CF returns to Bahrain the same week as the IMMAF World Championship takes place. The full week of MMA madness set to take place brings many up and coming talents to Bahrain for all to see, and to shed light on the massive MMA entity Bahrain is to become.

What does it all Mean

These two Arab promotions are taking the region to another level as they push to elevate and widen the scope for MMA, the fighters and the fans to the world wide arena. Growing connections to different countries, opening up the flow of talent, and bridging the gap of standards and media attention, brings impressive outcomes and future benefits for the region, and its MMA industry.

MMA promotions will become dominate forces around the world, and the major organizations become stronger as Arab talent develop their potential and fly in MMA. We are about to enter the new age of MMA enlightenment for all those still unknown to the sport and for all those in the sport.

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